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Documentation of Mavea

Documentation of Mavea

Language: Mavea [mkv]

Depositor: Valérie Guérin

Location: Vanuatu

Summary of deposit

This deposit consists of annotated audio recordings of speakers of Mavea, spoken in Vanuatu, resulting from fieldwork conducted between June 2005 and December 2007.

The picture comes from a picture book illustrated by Gabriel Torno, entitled ‘The Bird Story&rsquo, a story in which two birds fight for a hat. The deposit contains recordings of several different speakers narrating this story: to listen, click on ‘Bird Story’ under Topic in the left hand panel.

Group represented

Mavea speaking community, located on Mavea Island, and Deproma, Espiritu Santo Island, Vanuatu.

Language information

Mavea, also known as Mafea. Gloss and translation in English, with some Bislama.

Deposit contents

The collection contains over 160 audio files, many of which come with time-aligned transcriptions and gloss in English.

Genres include narratives, chronicles, and personal histories.

The language contains three linguo-labials. They are represented in the orthography as p̋, v̋, and m̋.

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