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Bogoŋ: a cultural, historical and linguistic documentation

Bogoŋ: a cultural, historical and linguistic documentation

Language: Bogoŋ

Depositor: Ulrich Kleinewillinghöfer

Location: Ghana

Group represented

Bogoŋ, Chala, Nawuri

Language information

Bogoŋ, Chala, Cala

Deposit contents

Valuable recordings, with transcriptions, including:

  • the taboos of the Bogoŋ, explained by three of the most senior speakers: a former priest, the priest second to the chief priest and his wife
  • stories and proverbs
  • settlement of a dispute about the history of the clans on the West Bank of the Oti
  • interviews recorded at Kpandai, 2006

The image shows members of the Bogoŋ Language Committee.

Many recordings focus on the environmental vocabulary, thus forming an excellent database for anyone who wants to know how the Bogoŋ interpret their environment linguistically. Related to it is the interpretation and discussion of Bogoŋ place names.

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