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Conversational Kiksht

Conversational Kiksht

Language: Kiksht

Depositor: Nariyo Kono

Location: United States

Summary of deposit

This deposit consists of audio and video recordings of the last fluent speaker of Kiksht, spoken in Oregon, US, resulting from fieldwork conducted between January 2007 and August 2008.

Based on ‘best practice’ documentation methods and by adapting an established indigenous language teaching method (Master-Apprentice Method by Hinton) the project team aimed to develop a unique documentation methodology, contributing to both the documentation and language revitalization processes that the community urgently needs. By applying this methodology, community members can continue to capture quality documentation, empower speakers at all levels, and generate language materials.

Group represented

Wasco, Warm Springs Tribes in Oregon

Deposit contents

The deposit comprises over 100 audio and video files.

Genres include narration, translation, elicitation and pedagogical materials.

Special Characteristics

Conversations among the last fluent speaker and her apprentices.

Deposit history

The recordings were collected by the speakers in Warm Springs, Oregon


Users are requested to get a permission from Manager of Culture and Heritage Language Department, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs: Valerie Switzler for their access. The Kiksht/Wishxam families have right to access the materials.

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