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A culturally informed corpus of Dalabon

A culturally informed corpus of Dalabon

Language: Dalabon [Dalabon (ngk) ; Barunga Kriol (rop) ]

Depositor: Maïa Ponsonnet

Location: Australia

Summary of deposit

Dalabon is a severely endangered Australian language of south-western Arnhem Land (ISO-639ngk, -13.43, 133.94), numbering less than ten speakers. As part of a team effort to document Dalabon (S. Cutfield, Prof. N. Evans), this collection includes data aiming at enriching the Dalabon corpus, focusing on two interconnected, linguistically and culturally significant aspects of the person as a self : body descriptions and emotions. Body descriptions (body-parts, -functions and postures) are the bases of numerous linguistic descriptions of emotional and intellectual aspects of the person (via metaphors for instance). This corpus served as a basis for an analysis of the language of emotions in Dalabon (to appear as a monograph), covering both descriptive emotional resources (the lexicon) and expressive emotional resources (diminutives, interjections, prosody). The corpus also contains some data on kinship, another culturally central domain connected to the notion of self.

Group represented

The corpus focuses on Dalabon, along with a few recordings in Barunga Kriol.

Language information

Dalabon is an Australian language of the Gunwinyguan family in south-western Arnhem Land (Top End, Northern Territory). Dalabon is severely endangered (less than ten speakers). Barunga Kriol is the variety of Kriol (the Australian creole) spoken by the descendants of Dalabon speakers. Across varieties, Kriol numbers 20,000 to 30,000 speakers.

Deposit contents

DISCLAIMER: Along with some edited transcripts, the deposit contains raw material, including transcripts that have not been checked for adequacy etc. Please do not use or quote this work without discussing the appropriateness of quotation with the depositor. If you approach this corpus with specific research questions, it is preferable that you contact the depositor to seek assistance prior to searching the corpus. Translations and/or glosses are being added regularly, and some items may be prioritized to suit your needs.

Special Characteristics

This corpus contains data on body descriptions and emotions in Dalabon and Barunga Kriol. Access to emotional narratives must be controlled for obvious reasons. Please contact the depositor for assistance in order to identify the sections of this corpus which contain data on emotions.

Deposit history

This deposit is being up-dated, with translation and glosses being added to the transcripts. Please let advise the depositors of your interest in a particular recording(s). It may be possible to prioritize some times to suit your needs.

Other information

Glossed ELAN transcripts (please contact the depositor for the latest version): 20100722b_003_MT (emotions); 20100722b_004_MT (emotions); 20100722b_005_MT (emotions); 20100722b_006_MT (emotions); 20100723_001_MT (landscape); 20110526c_000_MT (emotions); 20110526c_001_MT (local politics); 20110526c_002_MT (emotions); 20110529_003_MT (emotions); 20110607a_003_MT (emotions); 20120717_008_MT (emotions).


Speakers' initials should be quoted along with the date of the recording. These appear in the file names.
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