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Kyitu (Siti) Language Archive

Kyitu (Siti) Language Archive

Language: Siti [Glottocode: siti1241]

Depositor: Jonathan Brindle

Location: Ivory Coast

Summary of deposit

This collection includes a basic description and documentation of Siti - an endangered language of the Ivory Coast - which was claimed in 1981 to be spoken by 31 individuals. The data collected is expected to give us an insight on the language's vitality and endangerment in Vonkoro (9.15871, -2.73688), the only Siti-speaking village remaining. As the bulk of the information available on the language is meager and approximately 90 years old, the collection will also serve as an update of our current knowledge on the language.

Group represented

Southwestern Grusi

Deposit contents

This deposit mainly consists of audio recordings, images of speakers, and documents, from fieldwork conducted in three periods between January 2012 and April 2012. 


Brindle, Jonathan. 2016. Kyitu (Siti) Language Archive. (Available online at http://elar.soas.ac.uk/deposit/0122, Accessed on 2016-XX-XX.)
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