Stories from the Saltwater as told by the old Marra ladies

Stories from the Saltwater as told by the old Marra ladies

Language: Marra
Depositor: Greg Dickson
Location: Australia
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Grant id: SG0064
Funding body: ELDP
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There are five elderly Marra (lSO-639: mec, location: -15/135.5) speakers who are defying language shift in the Roper River region of Northern Australia, where all other Marra people now use Kriol, an English-based creole, as a lingua franca.

This collection will contain stories in Marra, translated into Kriol and English, about the lives of the last Marra speakers and their traditional knowledge. There will also be an ethnographically oriented canon of trilingual texts, representing Marra people and traditional lifestyles. It will be of significant cultural and educational value to Marra people and inform important linguistic research.

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Marra people.

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Marra is a Gunwingguan language spoken in Arnhem Land, Australia, around the Roper river.

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Beginning section: General discussion, datestamp (in Marra). End section: Freda Roberts oral history

Recorded on: 2010-07-14

Story about Rambaramba (Milk Snake), in reference to a painting Maureen giften to France-Line (Art Centre volunteer)

Recorded on: 2011-10-05

Keywords: Marra - Story - Maureen Thompson

Talking about Budalarr (firestick) and missionaries telling her to abandon her language

Recorded on: 2011-10-22

Discussing a painting featuring the place Yundi. Jpeg image available. Also videoed. Painting donated to Ngukurr Language Centre

Recorded on: 2011-10-27

Narrative related to a painting done by the main speaker. Discusses a traditional story related to sites including Walgundu and recent events related to bones taken from a cave that is related to the traditional story. Catalogue number of the painting is MT133/11.

Recorded on: 2012-03-07

After some initial negotiation and conversation, Freda talks about where she lived and travelled while she was still living on country, and who she was with

Recorded on: 2015-11-13