Documentation of Pela and Language contact between Pela and Zaiwa in lexical and syntactic borrowings

Documentation of Pela and Language contact between Pela and Zaiwa in lexical and syntactic borrowings

Language: Pela (ISO639-3:bxd)
Depositor: Sophie Mu
Location: China
Deposit Id: 0336
Grant id: IGS0191
Funding body: ELDP
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
This project works with local communities to document and describe the definitely endangered Pela language and its contact with Zaiwa. The researcher is a native speaker of these two Tibeto-Burman languages spoken by the Chinese state-designated Jingpo minority in Yunnan, south-west China. Audio, video and photographic records will pay special attention to endangered genres such as religious ritual and folk stories. This data will be used to describe the influence of Zaiwa on Pela lexicon and syntax. Research materials will be documented in a PhD thesis and shared with local communities and authorities in Chinese and English open-access publications.

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Sophie Mu
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Data from 2020 November 29 to 2020 November 29
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Sharman gives blessing to all villagers living in Mengguang and particularly to Kuangmu Kong, who was suffering enochlophobia.

Recorded on: 2016-02-18

Kong Huaqing talks about all the members of the Pela community

Recorded on: 2015-04-27

Four people talk about life in Mengguang, including animals, plants and farming practices

Recorded on: 2016-11-10

Villagers prepearing to go to Munaozongge, the biggest festival of Pela

Recorded on: 2015-02-10

Huaqing Kong explains the stories of Pela history regarding their migration history.

Recorded on: 2015-04-22

photos taken in Mengguang about animals, plants in the village.

Recorded on: 2015-03-10

Meihe shows the tranditional ways of making knives

Recorded on: 2016-11-10

Photos of various fieldwork sessions

Recorded on: Unspecified

Kong Zhien reads a folk story in Pela about dancing festival

Recorded on: Unspecified

Kong Rongsan speaks about his childhood and his family stories

Recorded on: 2015-12-10