Preliminary Documentation of Macau Sign Language

Preliminary Documentation of Macau Sign Language

Language: Macau Sign Language
Depositor: Felix Yim Binh Sze, Xiao WEI
Location: China
Deposit Id: 0338
ELDP Id: SG0252
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
Macau is a small city at the Southern coast of China. Around 1200 Deaf/hard of hearing people live there, and over 200 are users of Macau Sign Language. However, due to the enforcement of inclusive education, Macau Sign Language has ceased to pass on to the deaf youngsters under the age of 20. The Deaf Community has a strong wish to document and conduct research on their sign language. This project aims at providing foundational documentation training to the Deaf Community and assisting them in the documentation groundwork, with a long term goal to preserve and promote the language.

Group represented
Macau Sign Language

Deposit contents
  1. 500 target signs from 14 signers of five different age groups -- both videos and transcriptions with Elan would be deposited
  2. Narrative data (all from 14 signers):
    • 7 Sylvester and Tweety animations: videos of all 7 clips and elans of 1 clip would be deposited
    • Frog story: both videos and Elan files
    • Pear story: all videos
  3. Natural data
    • Conversation (14 signers, 7 pairs): all 7 one-hour conversation videos and Elan with 10 minutes transcription of each would be deposited
    • Unforgettable personal experience sharing: all videos and 3 transcriptions would be deposited
    • Discussion on the history of Macau Sign Language (4 signers sharing): 50-min video and around 20-min transcription would be deposited
    • MDA deaf members gathering: the around 50-min video would be deposited


In process
Resources being prepared or online and partially searchable


Felix Yim Binh Sze
Affiliation: The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Xiao WEI
Affiliation: Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies, CUHK, Hong KongThe Chinese University of Hong Kong

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