Documentation of fishing practices among the Dwang

Documentation of fishing practices among the Dwang

Language: Dwang (ISO639-3:nnu)
Depositor: James Essegbey
Location: Ghana
Deposit Id: 0343
ELDP Id: SG0193
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
This project aims to document practices related to fishes (including catching, processing, marketing and consumption) among the Dwang communities who inhabit the south of the Volta Lake. Dwang belongs to the northern branch of the Central Guang branch of the Kwa family. Their traditional occupations are fishing and farming, although fishing by natives practically came to halt when a hydro-electric dam was built in 1966, creating the Volta Lake, which is the world’s largest reservoir by surface area. The reasons for the decline in fishing are not clear. The people insist that they haven’t lost their expressions related fishing activities.

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James Essegbey
Affiliation: University of Folrida

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