Documenting the Utupua languages

Documenting the Utupua languages

Language: Asumboa (ISO639-3:aua), Tanibili, Amba (ISO639-3:rwm)
Depositor: Aslak Vaag Olesen
Location: Solomon Islands
Deposit Id: 0375
ELDP Id: SG0309
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
The three languages of Utupua in Temotu Province, the most remote province of Solomon Islands, are highly endangered and almost completely undocumented. None of them has more than a few hundred speakers, and all are under great pressure from the expanding use of Solomon Islands Pijin. The project will provide extensive documentation materials for the smallest of the languages, Asubuo, and basic materials for the other two, Aba and Tanibili.


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Aslak Vaag Olesen
Affiliation: The University of Newcastle, NSW

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