A Documentation and Description of the Arta language

A Documentation and Description of the Arta language

Language: Arta (ISO639-3:atz)
Depositor: Yukinori Kimoto
Location: Philippines
Deposit Id: 0411
Grant id: SG0380
Funding body: ELDP
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
This is a 12-month project, for the purpose of documenting Arta, an underdescribed language in the Philippines. Arta is a severely endangered Austronesian language, spoken by 11 Negrito people living in Nagtipinan, Quirino Province.


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Yukinori Kimoto
Affiliation: Kyoto University

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Arsenyo and his wife are talking about their marriage and their hometown.

Recorded on: 2013-12-04

The speaker talks about the community in Alicia (Isabela province) before moving to Aglipay and Nagtipunan in Quirino province.

Recorded on: 2014-11-29

Keywords: Arta - English - Discourse - Alicia - cultivation - fish - B

The continuation of the discourse arta0108. The speaker talks about how to cook their viand. She also describes spirits that used to stay around their communities.

Recorded on: 2014-11-29

This is a movie recording a traditional style of cooking. Karas and his son Mulo are cooking rice and chicken with bamboo.

Recorded on: 2016-06-18

In this discourse, the speakers talk about the change in their lifestyle, focusing on root crops, hunting tradition, among others.

Recorded on: 2013-09-08

This discourse is a continuation of "Change in Arta lifestyle (1)". The speakers talk about how to get honey, which was an invaluable resource when sugar was not available.

Recorded on: 2013-09-08

In this discourse, the speaker describes how to give birth to children and how to help delivery in Arta culture before.

Recorded on: 2015-11-17

This is recording during dinner in Karas's house.

Recorded on: 2016-06-18

In this discourse, the speaker talks about their life during the Second World War, and the battle between Arta and Bugkalot after the war.

Recorded on: 2015-10-20

Recorded on: 2015-11-02

Keywords: Arta - English - Discourse - breakfast - B