An Audiovisual Corpus of Caquinte (Arawak)

An Audiovisual Corpus of Caquinte (Arawak)

Language: Caquinte (Arawak)
Depositor: Zachary O'Hagan
Location: Peru
Deposit Id: 0413
ELDP Id: IGS0282
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
Caquinte [ISO 639-3: cot] is a Kampan Arawak language spoken by 300-400 people in Peruvian Amazonia. It is rapidly losing ground to neighboring and related Asháninka and Matsigenka, with many residents of Caquinte communities speaking one of these latter two languages, or code-switching among them. This project responds to the urgent situation of Caquinte by documenting and describing the language via the expansion of an extant corpus, with a focus on the relation of textual material to regional flora, fauna, and topological features. Products will be a written and audiovisual corpus, draft dictionaries, a dialect survey, and a PhD dissertation.


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Zachary O'Hagan
Affiliation: University of California, Berkeley

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