Documentation of Northern Alta, a Philippine Negrito language

Documentation of Northern Alta, a Philippine Negrito language

Language: Northern Alta
Depositor: Alexandro Garcia
Location: Philippines
Deposit Id: 0422
ELDP Id: IGS0271
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
The project aims to document daily practices and past stories of Northern Alta communities located along the rivers of Aurora province. The outputs include recordings (video and audio) of monologues and some dialogues, with correspondent annotation and interlinear morpheme glossing. Recordings of transcription sessions will also be included, with indications of lexical and structural modifications native speakers realize during the sessions. Elicitation sessions will be documented too, with recording and annotation. The project also includes a sketch grammar and a lexical database. Additional information and updates will also be provided on the project's website: All data and metadata will be organized with Arbil.

Group represented
Philippines Negrito, Northern Alta

Language information

Northern Alta (aqn) is an Austronesian language spoken by a group of Negrito people in the Northern Philippines. It is distantly related to Southern Alta (agy).

The Negritos are considered to be the first inhabitants of the Philippines. According to archeological and genetic evidence, they arrived to the area at least 40,000 years ago, and were probably the sole occupants until the arrival of the Austronesians, about 4,000 years ago. The Negritos then entered a period of close contact with the Austronesians, who had brought their technology with them and were in a position of power, triggering a process of language shift. Today the Philippine Negrito languages are classified as Austronesian, but most of them are poorly documented and little is known about their history.


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Alexandro Garcia
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Affiliation: Univerity of Barcelona

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Tatay Prodencio describes a day in his life, from the morning to the evening

Recorded on: 2014-01-01

Tatay Prodencio tells a story about his wife

Recorded on: 2014-06-19

Simulation where Erlinda Ganarrial tries to convince Alex to quit smoking.

Recorded on: 2014-01-10

transcription session of Erlinda Ganarrial

Recorded on: 2014-07-07

This is a monolingual elicitation session containing grammatical information on basic word order, personal pronouns, interrogatives pronouns and the volitive budi. The session includes scans of field notes and a later transcription on a pdf document.

Recorded on: 2014-06-22

This monolingual elicitation session contains elicited vocabulary (clothes and colors), interrogatives sentences, [adj – noun] structures, expressions for asking and expressing time, and an improvised conversation. The ressources include a wav file of the recorded session, a scan of the field notes and a transcription to pdf.

Recorded on: 2014-06-23

This is a monolingual elicitation session containing strategies for communicating acceptability judgments, sentences with examples of the genitive pronouns and their allomorphs, more example sentences with the verb mannol ('to know') and elicited vocabulary on body parts. The bundle includes an ELAN transcription

Recorded on: 2014-06-25

This monolingual elicitation session contains elicited data verifying hypothesis on [adj - noun] structures, [num – adj – noun] structures, example sentences containing existentials, elicited vocabulary of furniture, expressions for locating objects in the house, some examples on how to use the verb mannol (to be able, to know). The resources include a wav file, scan of the field notes and a transcription of the session in pdf.

Recorded on: 2014-06-24