Documentation of Cifungwa Folktales

Documentation of Cifungwa Folktales

Language: Cifungwa (ISO639-3:ula)
Depositor: Samuel Akinbo
Location: Nigeria
Deposit Id: 0436
Grant id: SG0406
Funding body: ELDP
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
Cifungwa [ISO 639-3 Ula] is an endangered Benue-Congo, West Kainji language that is spoken in the Ringa communities of Rafi Local Government area, Niger state, Nigeria (10°23'34.4"N 6°27'46.6"E). Due to war, migration and political hegemony, the speakers are generally shifting to speaking Hausa. As a result of this, various aspects of their culture (e.g. religion, folktales and music) are being forgotten. Only about 20 of 1000 speakers of Cifungwa currently practice their culture/religion. The project aims to document Cifungwa folktales with help from these few local practitioners. The result of the field research will be pictures, annotated audio, audiovisual data, a dictionary, and texts which will be made available to the community. In addition, my PhD thesis will be based on some aspects of the data.

Group represented
The deposit includes contributions from Cifungwa people (also Ura) of Ringa community in Rafi local government, Niger state Nigeria. According to Cifungwa people, the Cifungwa people are originally from Kporumi, Zamfara in old Sokoto state of Northwestern Nigeria.

Special characteristics
The deposit comprises 1700 Cifungwa words from SIL comparative African wordlist, clauses with the 1700 words, a divination exercise, the making of Shea-butter oil, an interview (in Hausa) with the district head of Ringa community. The materials are in audio-visual format.

Acknowledgement and citation

Users of any part of the collection should acknowledge Samuel Akinbo as the principal investigator, the data collector and the researcher. Users should also acknowledge the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP) as the funder of the project. Individual speakers whose words and/or images are used should be acknowledged by respective name(s). Any other contributor who has collected, transcribed or translated the data or was involved in any other way should be acknowledged by name. All information on contributors is available in the metadata.

To refer to any data from the corpus, please cite as follows:

Akinbo, Samuel. 2018. Documentation of Cifungwa Folktales. London: SOAS, Endangered Languages Archive, ELAR. URL: (accessed on [insert date here]).


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Samuel Akinbo
Affiliation: University of British Columbia

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Samuel elicited some nouns in association with varying vowel qualities from Yakubu. Some of Yakubu's friends and family members were around.

Recorded on: 2017-07-12

Yakubu produced associative constructions with different syllable size.

Recorded on: 2018-02-03

Yakubu produced associative and sentence with have.

Recorded on: 2017-07-20

Awal produced some augment nouns in Cifungwa.

Recorded on: 2017-07-16

Yakubu produced the augment forms of some nouns in Cifungwa in the presence of his nieces and nephews.

Recorded on: 2017-07-17

Yakubu produced some augment nouns with the assistant of Awal and Aliyu.

Recorded on: 2017-07-16

Yakubu talked about Ramadan(Small Sallah) and Eid-Fitr (Big Sallah) in the presence of his friend and Kabiru.

Recorded on: 2017-07-18

It contains personal and cultural history. It also contains stories about recent migration and (re)settlement.

Recorded on: 2017-06-16

An interview with the consultant at granddaughter's house.

Recorded on: 2017-06-16

The data contains biographical information of the consultant. The consultant spoke in Fungwa and Hausa.

Recorded on: 2017-06-16