Documentation of Ulwa, an endangered language of Papua New Guinea

Documentation of Ulwa, an endangered language of Papua New Guinea

Depositor: Russell Barlow
Location: Papua New Guinea
Deposit Id: 0452
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
Ulwa is a previously undocumented and severely endangered language spoken by about 600 people in the East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea. It belongs to a family of three languages, about which essentially nothing has been published. Building on the researcher’s pilot study of the language, this project provides the first documentation and description of an otherwise unknown language. This collection will contain digital audio and transcribed texts, video recordings of sociocultural value, and written materials with grammatical information, all of which may be used to help maintain the language.

Group represented
This deposit includes contributions from the Ulwa language community of Manu village in the Keram Rural Local-Level Government area of the Angoram district of the East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea. Also included are contributions from other Ulwa-speaking communities (Maruat, Dimiri, and Yaul villages), as well as from speakers of related languages (Langam in Langam village and Mwakai in Mongol and Kaimbal villages).

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Users of any part of this collection should acknowledge Russell Barlow as the principal investigator, and should also acknowledge the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme as the project's sponsor. All other contributors involved in the project, including those who have provided their voices or images or have collected, transcribed, or translated data should also be acknowledged by name. Information on all contributors to this project can be found in the metadata. To refer to any data from the corpus, please use the following citation template: Barlow, Russell. 2016. Documentation of Ulwa, an endangered language of Papua New Guinea. London: SOAS, Endangered Languages Archive. URL: Accessed on [DATE].


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