Documenting Nalögo, an Oceanic language of Santa Cruz Island

Documenting Nalögo, an Oceanic language of Santa Cruz Island

Language: Nalögo (ISO639-3:nlz)
Depositor: Valentina Alfarano
Location: Solomon Islands
Deposit Id: 0472
ELDP Id: SG0453
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
This collection of data is based on the Nalögo varieties spoken in the villages of Nea and Nemboi in the southwestern part of Santa Cruz Island. The data includes: 1) audio and video recordings of various genres (personal stories, kastom stories, procedural descriptions, conversations, poetry and songs), 2) grammar elicitations, and 3) community materials (short collection of stories and/or Nalögo-English wordlists).

Group represented
Reefs-Santa Cruz, Temotu group (Oceanic)

Language information
Nalögo is an Oceanic language spoken on Santa Cruz Island in Temotu province, the easternmost province of Solomon Islands. It belongs to the Reefs-Santa Cruz subgroup that along with the languages of Utupua and Vanikoro, forms the Temotu group, a primary subgroup within the Oceanic family.

Special characteristics

Deposit contents
The deposit includes: 1) audio and video recordings, 2) metadata, 3) consent forms, 4) photographs, 5) Elan and Flex annotation files, 6) PDF documents (community materials).

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Valentina Alfarano
Affiliation: CNRS

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Data from 2018 June 18 to 2018 June 18
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In this video recording, the speaker Julia Pute is telling a kastom story about the murder of a child called Amoloti.

Recorded on: 2017-11-03

Joshua Thomas Mendealue is telling a kastom story in his house located in the Nemboi village. He also showed me some traditional feather money from Santa Cruz.

Recorded on: 2015-09-11