Documentation of Ubang Gender Diglossia

Documentation of Ubang Gender Diglossia

Language: Ubang (ISO639-3:uba)
Depositor: Ademola Lewis
Location: Nigeria
Deposit Id: 0492
Grant id: SG0483
Funding body: ELDP
Level: Deposit

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Ubang [ISO 639-3 uba] is a Cross River, Bendi language spoken by 11,100 natives of Obudu, Cross-River State, Nigeria (SIL, 2013). It has an exotic gender-based diglossia whereby females and males use different words to refer to the same basic concept and thing. Ubang, however, is as endangered by diminishing number of speakers - due to occupational emigration and language contact, as by receding gender diglossia resulting from ceasing intergenerational transfer. This project aims to document Ubang's disappearing natural diglossic conversations, folktales and cultural rites of passage to be annotated, archived, analysed and reported as tonal grammar and cultural dictionary.

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Ademola Lewis
Affiliation: University of Ibadan

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