Documentation of Jowshaqani, a Central Iranian language

Documentation of Jowshaqani, a Central Iranian language

Language: Jowshaqani (ISO639-3:)
Depositor: Esfandiar Taheri
Location: Iran
Deposit Id: 0493
Grant id: SG0457
Funding body: ELDP
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
The project will document Jowshaqani, a Central Iranian language spoken in Jowshaqan township in northern Isfahan province in Iran. With 3500 inhabitants, Jowshaqan township is situated some 120 km north of the city of Isfahan at the border of an area where Central Iranian dialects are spoken. Jowshaqani is increasingly giving way to Persian and there are fewer than 600 fluent speakers of this language. This documentation will include audio and video recordings with transcriptions, translations and annotations of the recorded data. The project will also provide a Jowshaqani/English/Persian dictionary.

Group represented
The collection created within this deposit includes contributions from some Jowshaqani speakers living in Jowshaqan and Shahrak vahdat (a countryside next to the Jowshaqan).

Special characteristics
The collection also contains an audio recording which has the pronunciation of a collection of language lexicon, and also a recording including some sentences collected by questionnaire which reflects the basic grammatical features of the languages. All of language consultants in this project are old and middle-aged and who use genuine language and are use it more fluently.

Deposit contents
The deposit comprises some xxx audio and video recordings of Jowshaqani language, and have wide range of genres such as personal stories, historical narrative, explaining carpet weaving, producing rose-water (Golab-giri) and dialogues. Some xxx percent of recordings are transcribed, glossed and translated using ELAN.

Deposit history
The data for this deposit was collected in May, June and July 2018, when Taheri the investigator went for field work to Jowshaqan. Some data is recorded by Mitra Tafazzoli and GHiasoddin Razavian, Taheri’s assistant and members of the Jowshaqani community.

Other information

Acknowledgement and citation
Users of any part of the collection should acknowledge Esfandiar Taheri as the principal investigator, the data collector and the researcher. Users should also acknowledge the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP) as the funder of the project. Individual speakers whose words and/or images are used should be acknowledged by respective name(s). Any other contributor who has collected, transcribed or translated the data or was involved in any other way should be acknowledged by name. All information on contributors is available in the metadata. To refer to any data from the corpus, please cite as follows: Taheri, Esfandiiar. 2017. .Documentation of Jowshaqani, a Central Iranian language. ID: Jowshaqani[0493]. London: SOAS, Endangered Languages Archive, ELAR. URL: MPI1035085(accessed on [insert date here]).


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Esfandiar Taheri
Affiliation: Isfahan University

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