Documenting Iranxe-Mỹky, an isolate of Brazilian Amazonia

Documenting Iranxe-Mỹky, an isolate of Brazilian Amazonia

Language: Iranxe-Mỹky (ISO639-3:irn)
Depositor: Bernat Bardagil-Mas
Location: Brazil
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Grant id: IPF0252
Funding body: ELDP
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Summary of deposit
Mỹky is a severely endangered isolate language spoken by less than 100 people in Mato Grosso (Brazil) by two separate communities, Iranxe and Mỹky. The Iranxe community would like to preserve their dialect, spoken by only a declining number of elder speakers, and the knowledge of these remaining native speakers. This project aims to document the Iranxe variety of Mỹky and to enhance our understanding of this threatened isolate language, including its undescribed tonal system. The output will be recordings of narrative and conversational texts, transcriptions and annotations, and language materials for the community, and training of community documenters.

Group represented
The Iranxe, also known as Manoki, were contacted during the first half of the 20th century. In the 1950s the Iranxe community was settled in the Jesuit mission of Utiariti, where other groups were also brought. At the mission, parents and children were separated and forbidden from speaking in their language. After reaching a population low of 33 individuals in 1960, they started a demographic recovery in part due to intermarrying with members of groups like the Paresi, Rikbaktsa, Nambikwara and Kayabi. Today, they live in a demarcated indigenous land spanning 206,455 hectares on the Juruena basin in the municipality of Brasnorte, in western Mato Grosso.

Special characteristics
The Iranxe speak a distinct variety of Mỹky, an isolate language spoken in central Brazil, in the West of the state of Mato Grosso. Mỹky is an extremely endangered language spoken by no more than 100 people. The so-called Mỹky variety is reported to have approximately 80 speakers, while the virtually undescribed Iranxe variety is only spoken by 12-15 people, all of whom are quite elderly.

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