A Documentation of the vDab-pa Tibetan

A Documentation of the vDab-pa Tibetan

Language: vDab-pa (ISO639-3:)
Depositor: Mian Zhang
Location: China
Deposit Id: 0512
Grant id: SG0461
Funding body: ELDP
Level: Deposit

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The vDab-pa, as a branch of Tibetan, spoken by approximately 8,000 population in Daocheng (South west Sichuan, China), is a relatively isolated language that can rarely communicate with the languages of periphery areas of the vDab-pa area. Furthermore, the vDab-pa Tibetan is undescribed so far, but has been undergoing rapid evolution because of the dominance by official Mandarin and the lack of native language education to the young generation. This project will focus on the documentary corpus of daily dialogue, ceremonial speech, and legendary story of the vDab-pa.

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Mian Zhang
Affiliation: Institute of Linguistics, Shanghai Normal University

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