A comprehensive illustrated dictionary of Ersu with audio files

A comprehensive illustrated dictionary of Ersu with audio files

Language: Ersu (ISO639-3:ers)
Depositor: Dehe Wang
Deposit Id: 0517
Grant id: SG0487
Funding body: ELDP
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
The project builds on the results from the prior ELDP project (MDP0257) to arrive at a first-ever, comprehensive illustrated dictionary of the Ersu language, accompanied by audio files. Ersu is a little-studied, endangered Tibeto-Burman (Qiangic) language, spoken by approximately 8,000 people from an overall ethnic population of ca. 16,800 people in rural areas of Southwest China. The project will yield (1) a dictionary of 5,000 entries compiled in accordance with best lexicographic practices, and (2) a corpus of audio and video data documenting endangered meanings, that is, words related to such domains as traditional material culture, aphorisms, epigrams, and proverbs.

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Dehe Wang
Affiliation: Xichang College Library

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