Documentation of five Zoquean languages spoken in Mexico: San Miguel Chimalapa

Documentation of five Zoquean languages spoken in Mexico: San Miguel Chimalapa

Language: San Miguel Chimalapa
Depositor: Roberto Zavala-Maldonado
Location: Mexico
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ELDP Id: MDP0375
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This project will document five languages of the Zoquean branch, members of the Mixe-Zoquean language family. All the languages are spoken in the South of Mexico. Chiapas Zoque and Jitotoltec are spoken in Chiapas, Highland Popoluca in Veracruz, whereas San Miguel Chimalapa and Santa Maria Chimalapa are spoken in Oaxaca. All the five languages are endangered. The project will annotate high-quality videos regarding different communicative events selected by a team of linguists who are members of the speech communities. The material will be transcribed, translated, and analyzed in ELAN/FLEX. Most of the documentation and diffusion of the results will be carried out by members of the different speech communities. This collection is related to the following collections:

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Roberto Zavala-Maldonado
Affiliation: Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social

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