Documenting and describing Kamsá language and culture

Documenting and describing Kamsá language and culture

Language: Kamsá (ISO639-3:kbh)
Depositor: Martin Kohlberger
Location: Colombia
Deposit Id: 0531
Grant id: IPF0273
Funding body: ELDP
Level: Deposit

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Kamsá is a language isolate spoken in the highlands of the Putumayo Department in southern Colombia. By community estimates, approximately 200 people (among an ethnic population of around 10,000) speak the language on a day-to-day basis. The aim of this project is to document the Kamsá language and endangered cultural practices. Primary outcomes of the project include an annotated audiovisual corpus of naturally spoken discourse in Kamsá including a variety of speech genres, a documentation of culturally important activities (such as farming, shamanic rituals and the production of handicrafts), the training of community documenters, a sketch grammar and pedagogical materials.

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Martin Kohlberger
Affiliation: University of Texas at Austin

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