Documenting Ipiko, an undescribed language of PNG

Documenting Ipiko, an undescribed language of PNG

Language: Ipiko (ISO639-3:ipo)
Depositor: Zurab Baratashvili
Location: Papua New Guinea
Deposit Id: 0560
Grant id: IGS0338
Funding body: ELDP
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit

Ipiko, a Trans New Guinean language, is spoken in three villages (Ipiko, Baimuru, and Pahemuba) in Southern New Guinea. This project investigates an overall grammatical description of the language, but with a particular focus on transitivity, valency, and argument structure based on the texts with different genre.

The data will be collected by Zurab Baratashvili, a linguist, and the community members.

The collection will contain both audio and video data which will be annotated with taking into account different sociolinguistic variables. This will be a balanced corpus including a range of different genres (e.g. narratives, traditional stories, procedural texts, village layout descriptions, conversations and so on) and structured to reflect the key sociolinguistic variables (minimally sex, and age, then extended out to any other local variables that prove relevant).

Group represented
Ipiko is spoken in three villages (Ipiko, Baimuru, and Pahemuba) in Southern New Guinea.

Language information

An undescribed and endangered language, Ipiko is the sole representative of the Inland Gulf subgroup of the Anim group of the Trans New Guinea language family.

The primary typological peculiarities of the Southern New Guinea area are morphological and morphosyntactic: complex verbal morphology, double or triple argument indexing, complex number indexing and aspect in verbs, distributed exponence (Evans et al 2017: 647). At present, of course, it is not possible to give specifics about Ipiko itself owing to the paucity of information on the language, but the detailed information we now possess on Marind (Olsson 2017), coupled with the fact that complex morphology is a feature of the whole region, indicates that Ipiko will likewise prove of great grammatical interest in the morphological domain.

Special characteristics

Deposit contents
Between 2019-2022, 81 hours will be archived, including 60 hours of audio files and 21 hours of video files. A concise glossary with 1500 entries will also be archived.

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Other information

Acknowledgement and citation
Users of any part of the collection should acknowledge principal investigator Zurab Baratashvili; also the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP) as the funder of the project; Individual speakers by their name; Any other contributor who has collected, transcribed or translated the data or was involved in any other way should be acknowledged by name. All information on contributors is available in the metadata.


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Zurab Baratashvili
Affiliation: Australian National University

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