Gildipasi language project: tumbuna stories and tumbuna knowledge

Gildipasi language project: tumbuna stories and tumbuna knowledge

Language: Waskia (ISO639-3:wsk), Brem (ISO639-3:buq), Malas (ISO639-3:mkr), Yamben
Depositor: Andrew Pick
Location: Papua New Guinea
Deposit Id: 0559
Grant id: SG0529
Funding body: ELDP
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Summary of deposit
This project documents the linguistic practices of the Gildipasi community in Madang province, Papua New Guinea. There are four languages indigenous to Gildipasi, all of which are endangered: Barem, Waskia, Manep and Yamben. Through recordings of narratives, interviews, group dialogues and bush walks, this project documents two realms of knowledge: tumbuna (ancestor) stories, traditional stories connecting language communities to the landscape, and tumbuna knowledge, traditional practices for living off the land, such as traditional medicine, agriculture, and hunting.

Group represented
This collection documents the linguistic practices of Gildipasi, an area along the coast of Madang province bordered by the Dibor river to the north, the Gilagil river to the south, and the Simbukanam range to the east.

Language information

This projects documents four indigenous Papuan languages of the community of Gildipasi, Madang Province, Papua New Guinea: Barem, Waskia, Manep, and Yamben. Barem, Waskia and Manep are hypthosized to belong to the Madang branch of Trans-New Guinea. Previously undocumented, the genetic affiliation of Yamben is unknown.

Barem encompasses several dialects. This projects focuses on Qkuan Kambuar, a severely endangered dialect with only a handful of fluent speakers, as well as Murukanam Barem, spoken north of the Dibor river. Other known dialects are Asumbin, spoken north and inland from Gildipasi, and the now extinct Kimbu Kambuar.

Waskia is spoken in the coastal village of Tokain and on Karkar island. There are many lexical difference between the island and mainland varieties. This project documents the mainland variety of Waskia.

Manep is spoken in the villages of Simbukanam and Malas. There are slight dialectal differences between the varieties of the two villages.

Yamben is a previously undocumented language, spoken in Yambarik village, a few hours hike into the Adelbert mountains from Tokain.

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This collection includes around five hours of video and audio recordings of members of the Gildipasi telling ancestral stories and discussing traditional practices for living off the land. Additional materials include consent recordings.

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Users of any part of the collection should acknowledge Andrew Pick as the principal investigator, and the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme as the funder of the project. Individuals whose words or images are used should be acknowledged by name.


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