Atchin Documentation Project

Atchin Documentation Project

Language: (ISO639-3:upv (Uripiv-Wala-Rano-Atchin))
Depositor: Kanauhea Wessels
Location: Vanuatu
Deposit Id: 0578
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Funding body: ELDP
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
This deposit will make a collection of audio and audio-visual recordings of the Atchin language variety. Recordings will be made with adult speakers of a range of ages, gender identities, and social roles. Children will only be recorded incidentally, and with the permission of their parents and care-givers. I will record a variety of speaker combinations, including single speakers with at least one other Atchin speaker as audience, pairs and small groups, and larger groups. Monologues, interviews led by an Atchin field assistant, and conversations will be recorded, and I will aim to collect personal narratives, traditional and modern stories, descriptions of daily activities (gardening, building, weaving, fishing, cooking, child rearing etc.), descriptions of cultural events (births, deaths, marriages, dispute resolutions), religious songs, stories, prayers and teachings, traditional songs, games, and after dinner conversations. Preference will be given to audio-visual recording, but all speakers will be given the option of how they are recorded.

Group represented
This collection focuses on adult speakers of Atchin who live in the north-east of Malekula Island in Vanuatu. Participants will specifically be adults who are speakers of this language variety living on the mainland in and between the settlement sof Orap and Lavalsal, as well as on the offshore Atchin Island.

Language information
The language of Atchin is one of approximately 30 languages still spoken on Malekula in Vanuatu and its "small" off-shore islands, with roughly 100 total languages spoken within the archipelago of Vanuatu. The Atchin variety is an Oceanic language (North-Central Vanuatu, Malekula, Eastern Malekula Linkage). It is classified as belonging to the Northeast Malakula dialect chain, which has an estimated 9,000 speakers, both rural and urban. This dialect chain is reported as encompassing the northernmost small island of Atchin, and then heading south along the eastern coast of Malekula through Wala and Rano, and finally Uripiv and Uri.

Deposit contents
The planned corpus will contain a minimum of 20 hours of natural Atchin speech (monologues, interviews, conversations concerning a range of topics, and covering a range of genre), all of which will be transcribed, annotated and translated. Of this, it is expected that around 12 hours will be audio, and 8 hours will be audio visual.

Acknowledgement and citation

To refer to any data from the corpus, please site the corpus in this way:

Wessels, Kanauhea. 2019. Atchin Documentation Project. London: SOAS, Endangered Languages Archive. URL: TBA. Accessed on [insert date here].


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Kanauhea Wessels
Affiliation: University of Waikato, New Zealand

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