Asheninka Perene (Arawak) 2010 collection, from eastern Peru

Asheninka Perene (Arawak) 2010 collection, from eastern Peru

Language: Asheninka Perene, Arawak (ISO639-3:arw)
Depositor: Elena Mihas
Location: Peru
Deposit Id: 0146
Grant id: SG0002
Funding body: ELDP
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit

A community-based documentation of Asheninka Perene, a Kampan (Arawak) language spoken in Eastern Peru.

Aims of the project were to produce a bilingual Asheninka Perene-Spanish story book, a trilingual Asheninka Perene-Spanish-English dictionary/thesaurus, and to develop the Asheninka Perene language website to serve the objectives of native language teaching and learning.

Group represented
Ashaninka Kampa community

Language information
Also known as Upper Perene; Perene Campa; Alto Perene; Ashaninka Perene. Auto-denomination ashaninka 'our fellows' or katonkosatzi 'people from upriver'.

Special characteristics
Multi-genre, cross-generational, men and women speakers.

Deposit contents

The Asheninka Perene collection consists of audio and video recordings of myths, folk tales, humourous stories, stories about demonic creatures, trickster stories, ethnographic texts, oratory, songs, chants, tongue-twisters, and riddles. Twenty participants, aged between 29 and 69, from the Asheninka Perene community, provided these resources which will be of interest and use to community members, and also to those with an interest in these genres or the area.

All materials are either audio or video. You can browse through the collection or search and filter the collection using the tags in the left hand panel.

The recordings were made in Pampa Michi, Pucharini, Bajo Marankiari and Villa Perene of Provincia Chanchamayo, Departamento Junin, Peru, between May 25 and September 19, 2010.


Collection online
Resources online and curated


Elena Mihas
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Affiliation: University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeCominidad Indigena Marankiari Bajo (CIAMB)

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A brief comment on the hill of the dead for those who were sexually deviant

Recorded on: 2010-08-10

The speaker describes events which precipitated the emergence of the river

Recorded on: 2010-09-01

The woman longs for her lover

Recorded on: 2010-08-23

The song is chanted by three speakers who also dance

Recorded on: 2010-08-23

The man-eating hawk attacked travellers going downriver on their rafts; eventually, he was killed

Recorded on: 2010-07-19

The speaker speaks about her childhood encounter with peyari

Recorded on: 2010-07-13

The speaker describes the peregrinations of the souls of the dead, which travel by a raft through a cave towards the San Mathias Cordilliera

Recorded on: 2010-08-10

The speaker describes her mother-in-law's years in captivity as a farm worker; she was kidnapped at 8 by Asheninka warriors and sold to mestizos

Recorded on: 2010-09-07

The speaker gives a tour of the village museum

Recorded on: 2010-08-18

The speaker tells about his miraculous escape from a jaguar

Recorded on: 2010-09-13