A Documention of Tabaq, a Hill Nubian language of the Sudan, in its sociolinguistic context

A Documention of Tabaq, a Hill Nubian language of the Sudan, in its sociolinguistic context

Language: Tabaq
Depositor: Gerrit J. Dimmendaal, Birgit Hellwig
Location: Sudan
Deposit Id: 0200
Grant id: MDP0212
Funding body: ELDP
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
Tabaq (kko) is a Hill Nubian language spoken by 800 speakers in the Nuba Mountains (N 11°55'53'' E 29°26'34'') of the Sudan. This entire region is characterized by an extreme linguistic diversity, and we know very little about the languages, their genetic affiliations and their contact histories. The collection therefore takes a comparative perspective: it documents Tabaq in the form of an annotated audio/visual corpus, and collects parallel information on surrounding non-related languages (Katla, Julud, Tima). This approach allows us to investigate the historical and sociolinguistic context, and to trace contact influence in these languages.

Group represented
800 speakers in the Nuba Mountains of the Sudan


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Gerrit J. Dimmendaal
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Affiliation: Universität zu Köln
Birgit Hellwig
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Affiliation: Linguistics, University of Cologne

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NHK talks about the importance of cattle-breeding in the Tabaq community. He adds information about other domestic animals (goats and sheep, horses and camels). And he remembers that pigs played a role in the past.

Recorded on: 2013-02-01

SOX talks about how to make sorghum bread.

Recorded on: 2007-05-20

NHK interviews ARA (who comes from the family of chiefs) about the Tabaq chiefs.

Recorded on: 2013-05-30

NHK interviews ASD about Tabaq chiefs, focussing on how they are selected and installed.

Recorded on: 2011-10-31

NHK talks about the political structure of the Tabaq community: about the chiefs and the spiritual leaders, and about the relationship between the religious/spiritual power and the political/legislative power.

Recorded on: 2013-02-01

NHK interviews ASD about the Tabaq clans: the distinction between maternal and paternal clans, and their names and subdivisions. NHK also asks about different names for kin relations.

Recorded on: 2011-10-31

GAK talks about different clans in the Tabaq community. First, he talks about the maternal clans, how they are distributed and how they differ from the paternal clans. Then, he describes the paternal clans.

Recorded on: 2013-05-20

The speakers talk about the different Katla clans, their relationships with each other, and the things that are important for different clans.

Recorded on: 2006-06-05

SKI talks about the maternal and paternal clans of Tabaq, including some of their responsibilities. NHK does the introduction.

Recorded on: 2012-05-16

SKI describes the clan systems of the Tabaq community: the clan divisions, the relationships between different clans, and their spiritual and administrative roles.

Recorded on: 2012-05-17