Multimedia Documentation of Babanki Ritual Speech

Multimedia Documentation of Babanki Ritual Speech

Language: Babanki Ritual Speech
Depositor: Pius Akumbu
Location: Cameroon
Deposit Id: 0363
Grant id: SG0224
Funding body: ELDP
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
This project seeks to document the language of Babanki traditional ritual performances. Babanki is an endangered Grassfields language spoken in Babanki Tungo and Big Babanki, northwest of Cameroon. The language of rituals contains poetic forms, lexical items and grammatical structures not found in everyday Babanki speech. Unfortunately, these special speech forms are threatened by the strong influence of modernism and especially Christianity which have caused the number of people who still engage in ritual performances to drop drastically. Consequently, the Babanki cultural values inherent in the ritual performances are no longer cherished and transmitted to younger generations.


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Pius Akumbu
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Affiliation: University of Buea

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