Varieties of Kun-barlang, a language on the edge

Varieties of Kun-barlang, a language on the edge

Language: Kun-barlang
Depositor: Isabel O'Keeffe, Ruth Singer
Location: Australia
Deposit Id: 0384
Grant id: SG0324
Funding body: ELDP
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit

Kun-barlang is a highly endangered Gunwinjguan language traditionally spoken in northwestern Arnhem Land, Northern Australia. There are only around 60 remaining speakers. Almost all of the speakers are above the age of 40 and most are very elderly. Kun-barlang speakers now live in various multilingual Indigenous communities in northwestern Arnhem Land (Warruwi, Minjilang, Maningrida and Oenpelli) and in Darwin. The aim of this project is to create a community- and research-accessible corpus of Kun-barlang. Audiovisual recordings and documentation of new and existing Kun-barlang materials will be made in intergenerational teams with elderly speakers and younger Kun-barlang people.

This first deposit of Kun-barlang materials includes audio recordings (wav) of varieties of Kun-barlang recorded by Isabel O'Keeffe in 2006 and 2007 (with accompanying Elan (eaf) files). The Kun-barlang varities include Kun-kamulkbarn, Kun-marrabbarrdji, Kun-marrabbanja and Kun-kurduwala. The recordings are mostly narratives in Kun-barlang, but also include discussions in Kun-barlang, English and other languages of the region (such as Mawng and Kunwinjku).


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Isabel O'Keeffe
Affiliation: University of Melbourne
Ruth Singer
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Affiliation: The University of Melbourne

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Audrey Mardbinda records Rachel Meyinbara speaking with her grand-daughter/Audrey's sister Jean Mardbinda (in Kunwinjku and possibly some Mawng)

Recorded on: 2014-12-16

Audrey Mardbinda records Rachel Meyinbara speaking with her grand-daughter/Audrey's sister Jean Mardbinda (in Kunwinjku and possibly some Mawng) (not much speaking in this video)

Recorded on: 2014-12-16

Frank Ambidjambidj briefly discusses a Kun-barlang song 'Merremerrebunj - little blue mudcrabs' (song code KL07). NB. There is a problem with the microphone being switched off part way through this recording and then turned back on (Isabel was turning off all the recording equipment as the consultants had said they had finished but then Frank started to sing Kun-barlang songs and Isabel only managed to turn the microphone on as he was discussing one of the songs at the end of the recording!)

Recorded on: 2014-07-09

Frank Ambidjambidj tells a brief story about when he was hit by a car in Darwin when he was younger.

Recorded on: 2014-07-04

Brief story in Kunbarlang by Shirley Mawuli about collecting turtle eggs and camping at Wiyarla (Goulburn Island).

Recorded on: 2006-08-08

Daisy Nadjandanga tells a story in Kunbarlang about collecting kingarduld 'clams', with Shirley Mawuli and Dora Diaguma commenting sometimes

Recorded on: 2006-08-14

Recorded on: 2006-08-14

Keywords: Narrative - O'Keeffe - Mawuli

Recorded on: 2006-08-14

Keywords: Unknown - O'Keeffe - Mawuli

Recorded on: 2006-08-30

Daisy Nadjandanga, Shirley Mawuli and Dora Diaguma tell a story about collecting seafood near Maningrida

Recorded on: 2006-08-14