Pite Saami: documenting the language and culture

Pite Saami: documenting the language and culture

Language: Pite Saami
Depositor: Joshua Karl Wilbur
Location: Sweden
Deposit Id: 0053
Grant id: IGS0070, IPF0192
Funding body: ELDP
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit

This deposit documents Pite Saami, spoken in Arjeplog municipality, Sweden. It results from on-going fieldwork conducted in Sweden beginning in July 2008.

The documentation currently consists of 15 collections of materials, each one including audio and video files, transcriptions and metadata.

Topics include reindeer, winter, handicrafts, agriculture and fishing.

Group represented
Pite Saami

Language information
The language documented is Pite Saami/Sámi/Sami/Lapp (also known as Arjeplog Saami; endonym: sámegiella; ISO: sje); archived files contain translations in English and Swedish and commentary and glosses in English.

Deposit contents

Note: The amount of recordings and supplementary materials in this collection will increase signifcantly once the new archive structure has been implemented for ELAR, hopefully in the very near future!

Access is open to some components, e.g. Collection 1 and Collection 4; for other parts, access to the audio/video recordings and transcriptions requires a researcher or community member role.

Viewing the transcription files (.eaf) with audio/video requires downloading and installing the ELAN program (freeware).

See also the following publicly accessible websites for more examples of the depositor’s work on Pite Saami:

A preliminary Pite Saami – Swedish/Norwegian/English wordlist created by local language activists can be found at:

Acknowledgement and citation
Users of any part of the collection should cite Joshua Wilbur as the collector, ELDP as the funder, and the individual speakers, by name, whose words and/or images are used.


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Joshua Karl Wilbur
Affiliation: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität FreiburgFreiburg Research Group in Saami Studies

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Recorded on: 2009-06-09

Recorded on: 2008-08-25

A basic random wordlist (from the Leipzig-Jakarta list of basic vocabulary); This session was done in the context of a fieldwork tutorial at the Saami Winter School of Documentation and Revitalization. The session was recorded simultaneously with two microphones and two audio recorders as a test to compare the quality of the resulting recordings.

Recorded on: 2010-03-04

Members of the project “insamling av pitesamiska ord” (Pite Saami wordlist project) meet for a picnic and campfire in the woods to socialize and discuss the wordlist

Recorded on: 2009-05-19

Recorded on: 2008-09-26

Dagny sings a lullaby. - Dagny wrote down the lyrics - there is a scanned copy of this (pit100323b.jpg)

Recorded on: 2010-03-23

Recorded on: Unspecified

Elsy describes life at her childhood home in Álesgiehtje (Västerfjäll), whilst looking at a slideshow of photos taken there in August 2009. The collection includes: video and audio files; a Pite Saami transcription with Swedish and English translations and interlinear glosses; and relevant session/collection metadata.

Recorded on: 2010-03-10