Documentation of Gavião and Suruí Languages in whistled and instrumental speech

Documentation of Gavião and Suruí Languages in whistled and instrumental speech

Language: Gavião, Suruí
Depositor: Julien Meyer
Location: Brazil
Deposit Id: 0228
Grant id: IPF0136
Funding body: ELDP
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
The project is to undertake the linguistic documentation and analysis of highly endangered traditional speech practices in two endangered Tupian languages of the Brazilian Amazon: Gavião and Surui. These practices consist of spoken speech emulated into whistles (for distance dialogues) or sung speech adapted into musical sounds (to perform a verbal art with musical instruments). Our pioneer methodology requires the sound, video and text documentation of corpora in spoken, whistled, sung and instrumental forms. Sociolinguistic and ecologic data will also be systematically gathered. This locally controlled work will be made accessible to both scientific and indigenous communities.

Language information
Gavião and Suruí are endangered Tupian language of the Brazilian Amazon.

Other information
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