Textual and Lexical Documentation of Ixcatec, Oaxaca, Mexico

Textual and Lexical Documentation of Ixcatec, Oaxaca, Mexico

Language: Ixcatec (ISO639-3:ixc)
Depositor: Denis Costaouec, Michael Swanton
Location: Mexico
Deposit Id: 0193
Grant id: MDP0214
Funding body: ELDP
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit

Group represented
Middle American Indians living in Santa María Ixcatlán, northern Oaxaca, Mexico

Language information
Ixcatec is a highly endangered language belonging to the Popolocan branch of the Otomanguean language family. There are 9 fluent speakers all of whom reside in Santa Maria Ixcatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico, (Otomanguean, Eastern Otomanguean, Popolocan-Zapotecan, Popolocan).

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Deposit contents
This collection is to contain the only extensive, archival-quality corpus of recorded and transcribed time-coded Ixcatec texts. A lexicon will also be generated incorporating all lexical items in the transcribed corpus. It is hoped that these materials will establish the basis for future studies of this language and family and will be made available to the community, the interested public and scholars. The deposit contains also various videos recordings in ixcatec and spanish regarding the name and the use of plants collected by the botanists collaborating to the project of linguistic documentation.

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Denis Costaouec
Affiliation: Université Paris Descartes & lab. SeDyl (Inalco, CNRS, IRD)
Michael Swanton
Affiliation: Biblioteca Francisco de Burgoa

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