A settlement history of Katoufoura

A settlement history of Katoufoura
0249-A settlement history of Katoufoura
The old lady in this session is pretty old. I think that she spends most of her day in her room on the bed, since she is blind and her legs are paralysed. She had dressed up for the occasion. When we had come by the day before to ask her, if she would be ready to work with us and made the appointment, she was bare-breasted and I had told her family that it would probably a good idea, if she would be covered for the recording, since many people will be able to see this recording. I have also decided to have her leave the glasses on, for two reasons: a) hear eyes tear heavily and the glasses hid that fact a little b) I had opened up the window to let more light in for the filming, although the light makes her eyes tear more (as I was told). One difficulty that I had to decide was, if I should place p002 behind the camera for the session, so that the lady would talk more into the camera, or if I have him holding the mic. I decided to have him holding the mic, because he is not able to yet to monitor. He is also reluctant to manage the situation around the session, e.g. asking people to be a little quiet. As most people here he just shouts at people no matter where he is. I am under the impression that this is so engrained in him (and everybody else) that even, if you tell them not to do it, when they try to control the surroundings, they will shout. And lastly, he is a lot stronger then I and I expected the session to be at least a half-hour. He did a great job holding the mic connected to the Marantz, although it was way to far from the source and I only used the sound file for transcription.
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Africa, Guinea
p044 (participant), p002 (participant), p003 (participant), p001 (participant)
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