This is the first session of 12 short video recordings about Mr Asmamaw Guch’alle and his family. The sessions were not planned. Asmamaw joined us while we were having a conversation with Mr Ayyano Aro (Asmamaw’s neighbor and best friend) and invited us to visit his house and garden. He and his wife Ms Assegedech Yimer’s have main farms for grains such as t’eff and sorghum that are in distant places. In the video recordings reported here, they showed us the plot of land around their house, where they cultivate small amounts of several types of plants including root crops (taro, yam, sweet potato), maize, beans, banana, mango, avocado, sugarcane, pumpkin, ensete, coffee. In the session presented here, Asmamaw first told about how he acquired the land (inheritance), about his parents and brothers. He then walked us to the garden where he showed various plants. In the background of our conversation is the ongoing severe draught in the area (most of the year 2017). Through the middle of Asmamaw’s land runs a river bed, almost dry now, but this makes his and his neighbors’ farms look more promising than other fields in the area. Research assistants Asmelash and Abboye and researcher Azeb Amha raise various questions. Two men and a woman (neighbours) have joined us in various times during the recording but unfortunately metadata information was not obtained for them. While Azeb made the video recordings, research assistent Asmelash made audio recording of the sessions; the audio and video recordings are archived separately becaue the time of the recording was not synchronized.
Date created:
Africa, Ethiopia, SNNPRS
Abboye Alada (interviewer, speaker/signer), Asmelash Michael (recorder, interviewer), Azeb Amha (depositor, researcher, interviewer, recorder), Assegedech Yimer (speaker/signer), Asmamaw Guch'alle (speaker/signer)
Zaysete (subject language), English (working language), Amharic (working language2)
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