VIU speaks about her childhood

VIU speaks about her childhood
VIU speaks about her childhood and other family members. She recalls about their gardening and animal keeping activities, and how she helpt feeding the (sled-) dogs. She talks about berry picking and fishing and gives examples of some favorite dishes such as pickled fish-heads. Plant gathering activities are described and she explains how they are preserved and how particular dishes are made from them. She also mentions story telling and games. She talks about her experiences in school and her first contact with Russians and their language. She remembers how her father met with his Koryak trade partners. VIU had participated at the workshop Children’s of the North ( The recording took place in an evening after the workshop activities in the private setting of EK’ home. The main text was recorded in Itelmen, but VIU explained after the session part of it also in Russian. Some years later she prepared for the foreseen publication the transcription and translation into Russian. the English translation had been copy-edited by David Koester and Beverley Stewart and the Russian translation by Tjan Zaochnaia (Zaotschnaja). The transcripts and translations from Itelmen had been made by the speakers themselves, coordinated and supervised by Erich Kasten. The linguistic and technical processing of the material had been done by Erich Kasten and Michael Dürr. Erich Kasten had recorded the data during his fieldwork.
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Asia, Russian Federation, ‎Palana
Valentina Ivanova Uspenskaia (speaker)
Itelmen (content language), Russian (content language)
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